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Combining Home Office And Laundry Room? How To Make The Most Of It

If you work at home and the only place you have to set up a home office is your laundry room, below are some ideas on getting it set up. The main goal is to separate your office from the washer dry, water heater, etc. to make it your own.

Keep it Separate

Depending on how large your room is, there are ways you can keep it a separate space. Purchase some laundry bins and attach them to the wall to keep clothing baskets off the floor. Attach a shelf above the washer and dryer to put your laundry materials, such as detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, etc. The idea is to get your laundry area as organized as you can and get things out of sight. This may make it even more convenient for you when doing laundry, as you will have everything in its place.

Put some fun signs on that side of the wall. You can also find decals to put on the walls that look great in the room. When you finish you will have a very organized and fun laundry room.

If you have a water heater that is in view, purchase a folding wall separator to put around it. You can purchase these at many furniture stores or online in two, three, four, etc., panels. Simply fold it together when you are not using it, and fold it out to stand around all sides of the water heater.

Purchase Furniture

For the office side, choose office furniture from companies such as Fickes Furniture that distinguishes that this is the office. Visit a furniture store to look at the furniture available. Consider the size of your desk, as you do not want it too large, as it will go into the side of the laundry area.  A desk that fits in the corner wall works well, or use a smaller desk with storage up instead of out.

You can also purchase a desk chair at the furniture store. Try not to purchase a large one, but make sure it is comfortable for you to sit in. Talk with the furniture store employee to show you ergonomic chairs, which are much better for your back. Consider the materials used. If you want it to look completely different, choose wood. You may want the furniture to match the washer and dryer. Black furniture works well, as it goes with anything.

Take the measurements of your office with you, and the furniture store should be able to help you design the laundry room/office so you can make the most out of the space you have.

When you finish, you will feel like you are in your office and not just a place to wash clothes. It can be useful, however, as you can easily put in a load of laundry while you are working.