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The Best Mattress For Your Child

When it's time for your child to transition from the crib to the big kid bed, it's necessary to purchase a mattress to go with the new bed. It's easy to head to the nearest mattress store and choose a mattress within your budget, but you should actually do a bit of homework before making your final choice. In addition to ensuring that your child is comfortable, the right mattress will also help your child get good, restorative sleep.

Consider Size

If your goal is to purchase one mattress to last your child until college, size is an important consideration. While a toddler-size mattress might seem like the best choice right now, it will save you money in the long run to opt for a twin or full-size mattress that your child won't outgrow. You'll also need to think about how much room there is in your child's bedroom for a bigger bed.

Consider the Box Spring

It's always best to buy the box spring meant to go with the mattress you choose. This is because the box spring is supposed to provide support for the mattress and a mismatched set might not offer an adequate amount of support. Also, consider how tall the box spring is. If it's very tall, a small child might have a hard time getting on and off the bed.

Try the Mattresses Out

Take your child to a mattress store and try out a few options within your budget. Lie down together and ask your child if it's comfortable, too soft or too hard. This will give you an idea of what type of mattress you should buy. Consider the firmest option that's comfortable for your child because it will offer the most support as your child grows.

Think About the Materials

Explore your options when it comes to what the mattress is made out of. Skip mattresses made with polyvinyl chloride because this material lets off harmful chemicals that could make your child sick. Organic wool mattresses are the safest option in terms of potentially harmful chemicals.

New or Used?

Though they cost more, it's always best to buy your child a brand new mattress. With used mattresses, you have no way of knowing what kinds of bacteria, mold or bodily fluids they might contain. The only scenario where you should even consider a used mattress is if you're getting it from a family member or friend that you know and trust.

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