Gathering around the Table

Turn Your Cubicle Into A Personal Workout Space

In today's busy world, it can be often be difficult to find time to squeeze a gym visit into your day. A sedentary lifestyle, however, has a long list of associated health risks. Even if aren't able to rearrange your day to allow time for the gym, you can use the furniture in your office to serve as the foundation for some basic exercises to keep in shape. No one is advocating that you crank the tunes and change into gym clothing at work, but spending a few minutes of your lunch break performing basic exercises can be beneficial. Here's how your office furniture (like the furniture from Alexander Brothers Ltd) can come in handy, but be warned—you'll never look at your furniture the same way again.


Push your computer keyboard or loose papers away from the edge of your desk and you've got the foundation for a variety of exercises. Angled push-ups are easier than traditional push-ups and are suitable to perform with the help of your desk. Stand back from the desk, lean forward to grip its edge with your hands and, with your body at about a 45-degree angle, perform 10 repetitions to strengthen your pectoral muscles.


Your office chair, provided it doesn't have wheels (or has wheels that you can lock) provides the foundation for triceps dips. Inch forward in your chair until you're on the edge and, with your feet firmly on the floor and your legs bent at 90 degrees, grip the chair's front edge and use your arms to lift your body. Shift forward and allow your buttocks to dip lower than the seat of the chair, and then straighten your arms to lift your body upward. Perform 10 reps before sliding back onto the seat. Provided your chair is sturdy, you can also work your upper-body muscles by sitting upright, grasping the armrests and lifting your body an inch off the seat. 


Whether you have a side table in your cubicle or wish to use one in the copy room or lunch room, this common piece of office furniture can help to steady your body for a set of leg bends to work your quadriceps muscles. Stand in front of the table, hold its edge for support and bend your left leg until your heel reaches your buttocks. Straighten your leg and then repeat the exercise until you reach 10 total reps. Finish the workout by performing 10 reps with your right leg.