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3 Paints You Can Use To Transform Your Furniture

When it comes to saving money, many people will head to thrift stores and yard sales to snag furniture pieces for a fraction of the cost. They bring those pieces home in the hopes that they can recreate their beauty and splendor using some type of furniture paint. There are plenty of different options available to help you transform your furniture and bring it back to life. Not sure which one is the best for you? Consider one of the following options to help transform your furniture and give it a look that is truly unique and inspiring.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan has taken the world of furniture painting and transformed it into something that is truly unique with her own line of paint. The paints will inspire you to create a piece that is awe-inspiring and eye-catching. The line of adventurous colors and paints allow you to customize your furniture to best match the décor in your home. With chalk paint, you don't have to worry about mixing it when you get it home. It has amazing texture and color. Distressing and flaking won't be an issue. Once you get a chance to apply the mixture to your furniture, you will see just how much of a difference this paint will make. Annie sloan painted furniture will bring a unique style to your home.

Latex Paint

Many people are used to using a standard latex paint when redoing anything around the home. While it is pretty durable, you will need to use a primer before being able to paint the furniture. To get the best possible look with this type of paint, opt for a satin, semi-gloss or eggshell finish. Since this method tends to take a little longer than other options, it might not be ideal for those who are working with a limited amount of time to revamp a piece of furniture.

Oil-Based Paint

With this particular type of paint, you need to make sure you have the proper supplies and equipment to apply it properly. One of the main disadvantages to this particular type of paint is that it is extremely smelly. To clean it, you will need to use strong chemicals. Other paints are able to be cleaned using water, which helps save you money on overall maintenance.

Spend some time going through the different options before choosing which options is going to work the best for you and your needs. You want to make sure you make the right choice, not one that is rushed.