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Selecting A Mattress For Your Child

If your child is moving from a toddler bed or crib to a twin-size bed, you will most likely need to purchase a mattress separately from the bed frame and headboard you select. Picking out a mattress is an important task that should be researched and tested before paying for something that may not be up to the standards your child needs to get a restful night's sleep. Here are some tips to consider when picking out the right mattress for your child's first adult-sized bed.

Consider The Fabric

When picking out a mattress for your child, opt for a natural material such as organic cotton or wool, bamboo, hemp, silk, or latex. These materials will not be made with chemicals that are known to cause allergic reactions. Check the product specifications for a description of any flame retardant additives that may be blended into the material. Some of these are a bit harsh for children as well so stay away from any that say they have dyes, synthetics, or glues added to the material to make it inflammable. 

Look For Support

The coil count a mattress has will make a difference in the amount of stability it gives your child. This number will not make as much of a difference for a toddler or young child as it would for an older child or teen. If you plan on keeping the bed and mattress for several years, however, you will want to go with a bed with a higher coil count. As your child grows, their weight will need added support, making a higher coil count important. Mattress coil counts vary from brand to brand. At the very least, purchase a mattress with a 200 coil count to ensure your child's comfort. 

Do Some Testing

Bring your child to a mattress store to test out the display mattresses. This is a great way to eliminate mattresses that do not feel comfortable to you or your child. Climb on top of a mattress with your child and tell them to lie down and close their eyes. Ask them how they feel as they are lying down. Encourage them to relax for a while rather than jumping up to try another mattress right away. Have them compare several mattresses, letting you know which three feel the coziest. You can compare the prices and firmness of each of these three to help you decide which to purchase.