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Why An Adjustable Bed Is The Best Choice For A Studio Apartment

If you are moving into a studio apartment, you may think that you have to sacrifice the amount of belongings and the type of belongings that you bring over into your new home. Instead of seeing giving away items as a sacrifice, you should instead see this as the chance to find items that you will enjoy being around constantly. If you have a bed and a sofa, consider giving away both of these items in exchange for an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds are the perfect choice for studio apartment buildings for several reasons. 

Bed plus couch set up

One of the reasons adjustable beds are better than stand alone beds and couches is due to their movable nature. When you are ready to go to bed, you can lay an adjustable bed flat and when you are awake, the bed can be in an upright position. If you wish to have a space for your guests to sit, but you only have room for one large furnishing, an adjustable bed can serve as a big, comfy couch. The best part of an adjustable bed is that it is created with body comfort in mind. This means guests who may otherwise have trouble on stiffer couches and sofas may feel more comfortable on the adjustable bed. 

You skip the issues of a sofa bed

Many people default to sofa beds when it comes to combining furniture in a studio apartment. The issue with sofa beds is that the depth of the mattress is always limited. With an adjustable bed, you get a mattress that is thick and also sustainable over a long period of time. In order to make your adjustable mattress bed look more like a sofa when it is upright, try neutral sheets or blankets, with a suede or wool throw to cover the sheets. 

You can skip the headboard or footboard

If you are downsizing, getting rid of large furniture can really help with your move and save space in your studio apartment. With an adjustable bed, you can skip the footboard, as it will be unnecessary when you are using the bed as a sofa. Instead of buying a headboard or entire bed, you can add a faux headboard to the wall that your bed is pressed against. This will protect the bed from hitting the wall, plus create a couch effect when the bed is adjusted to sit up. This cuts down on the weight plus the items that you will need to move in and set up inside of your new home. 

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