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Create A Stylish Coat Rack For Your Home Using Reclaimed Barn Wood

If you want to have a one-of-a-kind piece of décor in your home, create it yourself. You can use reclaimed barn wood to create a unique coat rack to use in your entryway quickly and easily. Use the guide that follows to learn how to create a stylish barnwood decor coat rack to use in your home.

Determine How Large You Want the Coat Rack to Be

The first thing you need to do is measure the area where you want the coat rack to hang. You want to be sure that the coat rack will not get in the way of the door when you open it.

Measure and Cut the Piece of Barn Wood

Once you know how large you want the coat rack to be, use a measuring tape to measure the piece of barn wood that you plan to use to make the rack and mark it to indicate where you need to cut it so that it is the exact size you need it to be. Use a saw to cut the board at the mark you made.

Sand Down the Piece of Wood

Sand down the side of the board that you plan to have face out into the room, all of the edges, and the ends of the boards until they are smooth. You want to sand everything down so that the board does not snag anything that you hang on it.

Stain the Wood to a Rich Color

Next, you need to stain the wood a color that will match with the colors you have in the room. Dip a clean rag in a liquid wood stain and then rub it onto the wood. Wipe away any excess stain so that it dries faster.

Purchase Stylish Door Knobs

Next, go to a hardware store and purchase decorative door knobs. You can choose to have all matching knobs on the coat rack or choose to use a few different knobs. When choosing the knobs, just be sure that they are the same length so that they stick out of the wood at the same length.

Drill Holes in the Wood

Next, you need to drill holes into the wood so that the bolts at the end of the knobs can go through the wood. Be sure to measure and mark the wood to evenly space the knobs before you make any holes.

Attach the Door Knobs

Push the ends of the door knobs through the wood and add a washer and nut to the end of the bolt and tighten them. The nuts will keep the knobs in place so that they do not pull away when you hang something on them.

Add Wood Backing

Next, you need to cut two strips of wood from another piece of reclaimed wood. Place one strip of wood above the bolts of the knobs and screw it to the back of the coat rack. Take the second strip and add it under the line of bolts and screw it into place. This will ensure that the coat rack can hang flush against the wall without the bolts digging into your wall.

After you have finished creating the coat rack, add picture mounting racks to the edges of the rack. Once the mounts are attached to the back of the board, you can hang it on your wall with ease. You can hang coats, purses, and hats on the coat rack to create a stylish look in your entryway.