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Three Furniture Pieces You Need For A Contemporary Studio Apartment

Contemporary modern furniture looks great in every type of apartment, from a garage apartment in the suburbs to a city apartment with a great view. With a studio apartment, you will be in the precarious position of providing yourself with enough furniture but not overloading the space with too many pieces. If you are decorating a new apartment, you may want some contemporary pieces for your studio. Here are three contemporary furniture pieces that will complete any studio. 

Tuft Sectional with ottoman

If you want your apartment to be able to go from homey to dressy depending on how well you clean up your place, a tuft sofa is right for the job. Tuft sofas always look well put together and depending on the fabric that you select, they can be easy to sleep on. Get a soft fabric tuft sofa with a matching ottoman. You can use the ottoman to take the sectional from a seating couch to a spacious bed in one step. 

Egg chair

A chair that cups you completely is one of the most comfortable seats in the house. A contemporary egg chair will fit into any apartment and can be used for television viewing, to work at desks, and to nap inside of in a pinch. Get an egg seat that can handle a lot of weight, so that you can elect to hold extra items such as linens, daily purses, and other items that you may need. An egg chair that is tufted on the inside to match the sofas will work well as a contemporary furniture set. 

Clear end table

When you are low on square footage, opt for clear spaces. A clear end table that sits up high is one of the best contemporary pieces that you can select. Get one that is light and easy to move so that you can move it to a number of different areas of your home. Use it as a dining room table when you are enjoying your meals. Move the table back to the living room and use it as a coffee table to hold drinks when you have a desk. If you do any work from home, sit the table in front of the egg chair to use as a computer desk to accomplish your work. An acrylic desk or a glass desk will both work depending on your lifestyle and how light you want your furniture.