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How To Fill A Strange Alcove With Something Useful

Old houses are often constructed with strange little alcoves that do not seem to serve any purpose. Perhaps the ones in your home had a purpose at one time, but now they are just oddly-shaped spaces and blank walls staring back at you. If these alcoves are driving you crazy just looking at them, here are some ways in which you can fill the alcoves with something useful.

Custom Cabinetry and General Purpose Display Storage

Built-ins are actually pretty common in old houses. Sometimes these built-in features (e.g., corner hutches, ironing board closets, etc.) are removed by previous owners, but then these spaces are left behind. If you would like to put some built-ins back into these areas, custom cabinetry is the perfect solution. It fills out your blank alcoves and provides tons of extra storage for whatever you want to put in the cabinets. Many people opt to use them for books, collectibles, movies, music or whatever else strikes your fancy but needs display storage.

Floor-to-Ceiling Entertainment Center

Some alcoves come in the form of a recessed wall that does not seem to serve any purpose at all. If this recessed wall is in a convenient area of your home, such as the family room or the living room, you may transform it into a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center. Not only will this provide you with hours of entertainment, but it will also adequately fill out the recessed wall with lots of visual pleasantness. 

Blanket or Linen Chests

When you have lots of linens and comforters, and there is no place in your home to store them, they might be tossed in a spare drawer until they are used. Since that does not really protect them or keep them tidy, you may want to take some low, angled walls upstairs and the alcove they create and turn it into a blanket or uniquely-shaped linen chest. Like the other projects mentioned above, you will need the help of a skilled carpenter and cabinet maker so that the blanket or linen chest is quite secure and will not tip over, shift around on the floor or fall off the walls. Contact a custom cabinetry company like R A Mayo Industries for assistance.

Built-in Refrigerator That Looks Like a Cabinet

Need a new refrigerator? Or maybe you need an extra freezer and refrigerator unit? There are built-in refrigerators, chillers, and freezers that now look like they are part of the cabinetry in your kitchen. If you have a strange alcove or recessed wall in your kitchen, you might consider this as an option to fill the space with something useful.