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Furnishing a Hollywood Regency Home

Identifying your decorating style is often the first step when it comes to decorating a home. In order to create a cohesive look that you find aesthetically pleasing, your furnishings must reflect a similar sense of style.

Homeowners that identify with the opulence and luxury embodied by old Hollywood movies and actors may find themselves happiest living in a home that is decorated in Hollywood Regency style. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your new furniture fits your own Hollywood Regency–style tastes as you furnish your new home.

1. Look for a sofa with clean lines.

The major furnishings in your living room should enhance the opulent look of a room decorated in Hollywood Regency style, not overwhelm it. As you shop for a sofa, be sure that you are looking only at items with clean lines.

A sofa with a low profile can be made more luxurious through tufting and the use of brocade or velvet during the upholstery process. Once you find a sofa whose architecture is clean but whose fabric adds luxury, you will have the perfect piece to put in your new living room.

2. Opt for items with a mirrored finish.

Another key element shared by many Hollywood Regency furnishings is a mirrored finish. Side tables with mirrored tops and credenzas with mirrored drawers lend to the overall feeling of style and prestige in a Hollywood Regency home.

When you look for furnishings that combine these mirrored finishes with shiny lacquer or metallic elements, you will have accent pieces that will complement your home's design with ease.

3. Add glamour with accessories.

Adding the right accessories to your room can easily transform your living space into a Hollywood Regency home.

As you shop for lighting options to include in the rooms throughout your home. look for table and floor lamps made from clear crystal or metals adorned with jewels. Lamp shades should feature tassels or hanging crystals to add to the elegance of the room. You should also ensure that the rugs used to define living spaces are plush and spiced with colorful patterns to lend a modern flair to your home. 

Creating a Hollywood Regency home doesn't have to be difficult if you know which types of furnishings to look for. This eclectic decorating style allows you to marry old-Hollywood glamour with modern color palettes to create living spaces within your home that will be both comfortable and aesthetically captivating.

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