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3 Pieces Of Living Room Furniture You Should Upgrade First

You spend the majority of your time in the comfort of your home, but how much do you like the space? Oftentimes, people wonder what to do about non-functional, dated spaces when the answer is as simple as replacing a few crucial pieces of furniture. Here are three pieces of living room furniture you should think about upgrading, and how they could make your home even better. 

1.  Sofas

Your sofa and loveseat should provide an adequate amount of comfortable seating for you, your family, and any guests you may have over. Unfortunately, sofas can become dated or damaged over time, making your home look old and creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for visitors. 

Measure your living room carefully, and invest in a sofa and loveseat large enough to accommodate anyone who might use your living room. If you have pets or children, consider opting for sofas made with durable fabrics that are proven to stand the test of time. 

2.  Entertainment Console

Another key piece of furniture that you should think about upgrading before other items is your entertainment console, as some consoles can look unorganized, showing cords, open storage, and television equipment. 

Look for an entertainment console that is large enough to accommodate your television and equipment but has closed off sections that hide unattractive components. Before you shop for a console, count the number of cords that need to feed through the furniture, and measure your television to make sure it will fit properly. 

3.  Coffee Table

Another piece of furniture that can make a living room look dated fast is the coffee table, as these larger furniture items can stand out in the middle of the space. Additionally, many coffee tables are made to meld with a wide variety of décor schemes, which can make them appear bland and boring. 

When upgrading your coffee table, think about how you use the furniture and how frequently you use the table to set things like decorations, food, and drinks. If you don't use the table heavily, consider a more modern option, such as a tufted ottoman.

If you do use the coffee table as a space to set things, make sure it is large enough to accommodate anyone who may be sitting on the nearby sofa or loveseat. 

When you are ready to give your home a facelift with new living room furniture, start by exploring furniture stores in your area. By knowing what you want, you can create a fresh, welcoming living space you are sure to love.