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Reasons Why You Might Want To Re-Upholster Your Furniture Instead Of Buying New

Do you have one or more pieces of furniture in your house that aren't looking so hot these days? If so, one option you might want to consider is taking the piece to a furniture upholstery expert. Re-upholstering your furniture shouldn't be the solution every time, but there are plenty of scenarios where it makes more sense than getting rid of the old furniture and buying new. Here are some of the situations where upholstery work might be the smart play.

You Are Dealing with an Antique or Otherwise Irreplaceable Piece of Furniture

Do you have a chair, table, or sofa that has been in the family for generations? Perhaps you keep it around not to sit on but as a visual piece for your favorite room. Whatever the reason, it's not likely you're going to be able to find another piece of furniture just like your antique. In this situation, re-upholstering is your only real option. You can get your antique looking like new again, and be ready to pass it on to the next generation.

The Frame or Other Key Pieces Are of Premium Quality

Yes, re-upholstery can get pricey if you really want them to go all out, and you might wonder if just buying another sofa instead is a smarter idea. One thing that could help you decide is the overall quality of the rest of the piece you are looking at, outside of the upholstery. Perhaps you have a sofa or leather chair that has an especially good frame or springs system? You might have to pay a pretty penny to get another piece of furniture that is truly of the same high quality as what you already own. In this scenario, the upholstery job will likely still be less money than what you might pay to completely replace a top of the line furniture piece.

Get It to Match

Did you recently switch up the decor in your living room or another area where you have a lot of furniture? If the furniture no longer matches, this might start getting on your nerves eventually. A basic upholstery job, nothing too fancy, but one that switches out the color of the fabric could get your furniture looking like a perfect match again. You'll have to compare this with just buying a new furniture set, of course, but in some cases, upholstery might be the more affordable choice.

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