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Pros And Cons Of Equipping Your Cubicles With Monitor Mounts

The accessories that you add to your employees' cubicles can go a long way toward making their workday enjoyable. While most employees will decorate and customize their work space to some degree, it's ideal if they have the main accessories that they need before they enter for the first time. One popular cubicle accessory is a monitor mount, which is designed to hold the user's computer monitor on the wall of the cubicle. You can typically buy these wherever you shop for your cubicles. Consider the pros and cons of equipping each of the cubicles with this accessory.

Pro: Better Ergonomics

One way that desk workers can develop neck pain is by looking down at their computer monitor. This is especially a concern for someone who is tall or someone who uses the computer for the bulk of the workday. As an employer, you want to do what you can to reduce the risk of your staff members suffering workplace injuries. Equipping your cubicles with monitor mounts is more ergonomic. A monitor's elevated position means that the user will look straight ahead, reducing the risk of neck pain.

Con: Not Necessarily Applicable For Laptop Users

More and more people are using laptop computers in the workplace, which means that desktop units aren't as common as they once were. If an employee reports to work in a cubicle with a monitor mount, it may simply gather dust if the person uses his or her laptop throughout the day. There's no way to get around this potential issue, however. By providing a docking station, the user can still type on the laptop but use a larger monitor screen attached to the mount.

Pro: A Uniform Appearance

There are merits to setting up each of your workplace's cubicles in a similar manner. For example, when a client walks through your office, he or she will notice how the cubicles look. Significant variations from cubicle to cubicle can look haphazard, perhaps giving the client the feeling of a disorganized workplace. Conversely, using monitor mounts in the same location in each cubicle provides a uniform appearance that can present a good look for your organization.

Con: Potential Issues With Multiple Monitors

There are some people who enjoy using two computer monitors, and this can often be an asset based on the nature of someone's job. If you're outfitting the cubicles with monitor mounts that are designed for holding a single monitor, you may encounter issues with employees who wish to use a two-screen setup. Fortunately, you can buy monitor mounts that can accommodate two screens.

Reach out to office cubicle suppliers for more information about your options.