Reasons Why You Might Want To Re-Upholster Your Furniture Instead Of Buying New

Do you have one or more pieces of furniture in your house that aren't looking so hot these days? If so, one option you might want to consider is taking the piece to a furniture upholstery expert. Re-upholstering your furniture shouldn't be the solution every time, but there are plenty of scenarios where it makes more sense than getting rid of the old furniture and buying new. Here are some of the situations where upholstery work might be the smart play.

3 Pieces Of Living Room Furniture You Should Upgrade First

You spend the majority of your time in the comfort of your home, but how much do you like the space? Oftentimes, people wonder what to do about non-functional, dated spaces when the answer is as simple as replacing a few crucial pieces of furniture. Here are three pieces of living room furniture you should think about upgrading, and how they could make your home even better.  1.  Sofas Your sofa and loveseat should provide an adequate amount of comfortable seating for you, your family, and any guests you may have over.

Create A Larger Looking Master Bedroom

If you are furnishing a small master bedroom, then there are some things you can do to get the most out of the space that you do have and to help make the bedroom appear larger than it is. Here are some of the different steps that you can take to help you have the master bedroom you will be very happy with. Paint the walls to add the appearance of more space

Want High-End Furniture? Buy Damaged Pieces And Get Repair Service

When you are interested in getting high-end furniture for your home, you may head to local furniture stores and browse through online retailers to find out all your options. Whether you are comfortable with the prices that are listed, you may not want to pay the asking price on the furniture pieces when you are interested in getting a greater value. Buying used furniture will help you get a better value, but you can do even better with damaged furniture.

Furnishing a Hollywood Regency Home

Identifying your decorating style is often the first step when it comes to decorating a home. In order to create a cohesive look that you find aesthetically pleasing, your furnishings must reflect a similar sense of style. Homeowners that identify with the opulence and luxury embodied by old Hollywood movies and actors may find themselves happiest living in a home that is decorated in Hollywood Regency style. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your new furniture fits your own Hollywood Regency–style tastes as you furnish your new home.

4 Tips For Decorating A Small Dining Room

When you live in a home that has a small dining room, decorating may seem like a challenge. But with a little effort and a few tips, you can create a beautiful room where you and your family can enjoy many meals together. Use the following tips if you're decorating and furnishing a small dining room: Utilize Mirrors One of the simplest ways to make a small room feel more spacious is by including mirrors in your design plan.

How To Choose The Right Child-Friendly Upholstery Fabric

When reupholstering furniture, you need to choose a fabric that is both beautiful and functional. This is especially important if your furniture is going to be well-loved by a family with active children and pets. How can you tell if a fabric will be up to the job? Here are some tips to help you know that you're choosing something practical for your upholstery job. Dial Up On Double Rubs.

Tips For Organizing A Picture Collage Wall In Your Home

One of the most unique decorative features you can add to your living space is a photo collage wall. By framing a variety of pictures, such as family portraits or themed images, you can create a cohesive design anywhere in your home. Here are a few tips to help you mat, frame, and hang those pictures to create the look that you want. Choose Mats And Frames The very first step is to choose mats and frames for the pictures.

How To Fill A Strange Alcove With Something Useful

Old houses are often constructed with strange little alcoves that do not seem to serve any purpose. Perhaps the ones in your home had a purpose at one time, but now they are just oddly-shaped spaces and blank walls staring back at you. If these alcoves are driving you crazy just looking at them, here are some ways in which you can fill the alcoves with something useful. Custom Cabinetry and General Purpose Display Storage

4 Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds, while more expensive than the standard bed, provide benefits that are worth the additional cost in the end. In fact, you can avoid long-term health conditions by using an adjustable bed versus a standard one, which saves you on medical bills, medications, and more. Here are the four major benefits of an adjustable bed: Minimize Pain from Pressure Points: When you sleep, you unknowingly place too much pressure on some of the pressure points in the body.